Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Not an Across-the-Board Freeze, it's a Targeted Freeze

Watch Rachael Maddow's takedown here.

That is a terrible slogan for the Democrats to hang their hat on.  And they're only going to save $25 billion a year?  Is that really worth all the lumps they'll inevitably take from every direction?  The only thing the voters will hear is, "Spending Freeze."  That was John McCain's economic plan in 2008.

I won't say I'm worried at this point, but I am concerned.  If this is for real, then the Dems will have a fight on their hands with their own voters; and if it's merely political posturing, it will only breed cynicism.  Add in all the big budget targets that are off-limits (we spend a trillion dollars a year on the military-industrial complex), and this just looks like a mess.  I hope Obama has a plan.

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