Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Marcee Wants a Pony*

I never realized there were so many "pet horse" games there are on the Nintendo DS.

Chris Kohler should know better.  He's not in grade school anymore.  These hardcore gamer boys sure are sensitive, aren't they?  They're so easily threatened.  Girls and woman are now a force in video games, and I don't know why I have to point this out to grown adults, but girls don't like shooting things.  They do, however, love horsies.

Bonus points: Chris Kohler was a fellow zine editor with me back in the early '90s.  Another alumni, Jess Ragan, shows up in the comments as "ManekiNeko."  Also, today I read a Gamasutra article by faned (and now successful game designer) Ara Shirinian.  The whole zine crowd is out today.  Strange.

*Actually, Marcee wants a dog, not a pony.  As soon as I can get her to the States and we're settled, we're getting a dog.

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