Monday, January 18, 2010

We're Doomed

You know, I have my pessimistic streak every now and then when it comes to America, but at least I know there's always Andrew Sullivan to give me hope.  Seeing him collapse into that is bad news.  It's like that Simpson's episode with the colliding comet, and Reverent Lovejoy is running through the streets in panic.

"It's all over, people!  We haven't got a prayer!"

Hah hah....Yes, I think we'll need to evolve a darker sense of humor through these difficult times.  Our nation is run by cowards, sellouts, tools and losers.  Those are just the Democrats.  The Republicans are religious fanatics and completely insane.  The citizens are dumber than a bag of rocks.  Not even Barack Obama could save the United States of Stupid from extinction.

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