Thursday, January 14, 2010

2009 Hottest Year on Record in South America

The incoming data from NASA reveals that 2009 was the hottest year on record in South America, and tied for second-hottest for the world.  This comes courtesy of Science Magazine, and was deftly examined, as always, by Climate Progress.

Also, nonwithstanding the January freeze across parts of the Northern Hemisphere*, 2010 is widely expected to break the record for warmest global temperature, thanks to a moderate-to-strong El Nino in the Pacific Ocean.

*Oh, and about that cold snap that "proves" global warming is a's funny.  The cold snap in Minnesota has ended a while ago.  We're back to mid-30s, which is 20 degrees above normal.  Oops.

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sarkwalvein said...

Temperature in Argentina is awfully hot lately, the last five years or so have been hotter than ever; in the northern side even the concept of a cold winter like those one I was a kid is really fading away; hell, I never even longed for an air conditioner in the past, climate has surely changed.