Thursday, January 28, 2010

NeoGAF Post of the Day

"With the way this generation's gone, it's clear that the status quo just isn't going to work anymore. Halo and Call of Duty sell millions of copy, right we all know that, but for how much longer? I think it'll only be a matter of time before the people who buys those games just stand up and say "enough". When that happens, what will those companies that have invested so much time and energy into narrowing their focus and tweaking age-old gameplay types do? It'll be hard to make the transition like Nintendo did. A lot of them will probably have to shut down just because they've become so used to doing one type of thing that a sudden change to something else, something that will actually provide them with long-term stability, just isn't achievable.

"Nintendo decided that changes was necessary and they made it NOW. Not tomorrow or next year, when it's change or die time, but NOW. They can see what's coming down in the next few years and they realized that it in order to weather that storm, they had to build a ship capable of reaching broad horizons.

"I see these pictures all the time of women playing the Wii and old people too and it just makes me smile. These people GET IT. Nintendo's about everybody playing games and having fun and laughing. Why can't "hardcore gamers" understand that? The problem is that they're too focused on that same old formula, they don't like change. They want games that are hard and complex so they can feel good about themselves and then point their gamer score and say "Look at the score. Can you do that?" But that's not what games are about, competition and "being better than somebody else", they're about having fun.

"Wii gamers get it, Nintendo gets it. It's time for the rest of the world to wake up and realize it too before it's too late." - Great Rumbler, Third Party Wii Games thread

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