Friday, September 22, 2006

Games That Need to Be Revived: Blue Lightning

Somebody solve this mystery for me: why hasn't there been one good airplane shooter since Epyx's Blue Lightning? I remember being completely wowed by this game back in 1989. It really was the coolest thing ever, and probably the most popular Lynx game wherever I brought it around. Don't you think we're long overdue for another great game like this? I want another canyon run, dagnabbit!

I don't think today's publishers are aware of how much fun simple, old-style arcade games can be. Everything doesn't have to tie in with some cheesy overbudgeted b-movie, or be endlessly packed with extras. Not every game needs to be played for 50 hours straight. Sometimes, a game that you can jam with for ten minutes can be fun, too. And there are a lot of classic games that would be perfect for Nintendo DS.

Something like, oh, I dunno...Blue Lightning.

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