Friday, September 22, 2006

Videogames of the Damned: Switchblade 2

When talking about the Atari Lynx, you can take two different debates: which game was the best, and which game was the worst? There's pretty strong competition for both categories.

Here's one of the worst, if not THE worst Lynx game ever made - a lousy Gremlin title called Switchblade 2. Essentially a plaftormer for fools, Switchblade offers terrible graphics, painfully slow pacing, and an almost complete lack of challenge. Try to understand just why this game can co-exist in the same universe as Shinobi or Ninja Gaiden, and you will have solved one of life's great mysteries.

Personally, I just chalk it up to karma. After playing this game, you could probably rob a bank an it wouldn't count against you. You've already atoned for your sins by sitting in front of this dreck.

Remember, kids. Grown men with college diplomas gave the green light to this game. I wonder what happened to the sucker who programmed this? He's probably out somewhere robbing banks.

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