Friday, September 22, 2006

Today's Advance Wars 2 Map - Rampart

Download Advance Wars 2 Custom Maps - Rampart

Thought I'd start posting some pictures of the custom maps I created for Advance Wars 2 some time ago. I took a great amount of pride in these, and probably had more fun designing and playing them than any of the game's standard built-in maps (which are endlessly recycled in each sequel).

Rampart is a 4-player variation on the classic Atari Games arcade hit. It's a good example of my own game design style, which is to give players the tools to create for themselves.

There are castle walls (okay, metal pipes) which can be broken at the seams, missiles, and assaults from land, air and sea. You can strike any of the other players, and they can all hit you, so be careful not to become stretched too thin.

I love all of my AW2 maps, but this one is especially cool. Read more on the Custom Maps section of my website, You can also download the map for use on the VBA emulator. Enjoy!

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