Friday, September 22, 2006

Quick Comparison Time - Saturn Hockey

Just for quick comparison, here's how Sega's NHL All-Star Hockey stacks up against the '98 edition. It's a pretty vast improvement, after Sega finally made some sense out of the Saturn hardware.

Hockey was never represented well in the 32-bit era. The games were never anywhere near as good as those old Genesis EA Hockey carts. There was one notable exception: Virgin's NHL Powerplay Hockey, which appeared on PSX and Saturn to rave reviews. I do remember Next Generation praising the Saturn version in particular, citing it as the superior version.

NHL All-Star Hockey '98 is, in fact, developed by the same team responsible for Virgin's game, and is in fact the follow-up to that game. I'm assuming that the mean bastards responsible for Sega's hockey game was sent to trial for crimes against humanity.

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