Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Home! Again!

Okay, seriously, I really need to stop this endless cycle of moving my games blog around. This time, I'm staying put.

This is the new home of my videogame blogging. My previous home for the past year as been V - The Next Generation, hosted at Digital Press. It's a great home, but the forum software was old and suffered frequent breakdowns, so they've chosen to install new software. Unfortunately, the new forum software at DP will not include the blogs, so that means V has to find a new home.

I named my blog as a "sequel" to a fanzine I published a decade ago, so it was a nice little nostalgia trip for me. Now, however, I think I'll make a clean break and come up with a new name. I also found this super-cool template that captures that old-school zine spirit.

So why the hell aren't there any good games blogs on the internet? Everything is part of the hype game, the corporate commercial scam. Where's the independent spirit? Maybe I can make a healthy contribution towards that.

Oh, and a big hello to everyone from Digital Press! Game on!

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