Friday, September 22, 2006

Michael Palisano's The Laser

Searching around the internet for culprits stealing my photos, I made two striking discoveries, one great and one terrible. Here's the good news.

Michael Palisano was part of the fanzine crowd of a decade ago, and published a high-quality zine called The Laser. Like most everyone else, he was writing about videogames, in the standard mix of reviews and commentaries and countless letters from everyone else in the scene. Over time, the layout and style of Laser improved and evolved, from hastily assembled newsletter designs to stylish columns and artwork. He also began writing a regular comic, one that revolved around a woman with long hair and a polka-dot dress. Perhaps she was Michael's archetype, ala Hayao Miyazaki?

Who knows? I always enjoyed it back in the day, especially the later, art-driven issues. I was taking a similar direction with my own zine, so it felt like an inspiration.

Well, thankfully, Michael and The Laser have continued on to the present day, as a long-running website. It's a very extensive site, featuring countless game reviews and articles and whatnot. The old zine is present in the archives, including all the covers. The two covers you see above are from those archives, and give you a good idea of its evolution over the years.

I've added The Laser to the blogroll at V-The Next Generation (see above), so be sure to pay a visit and look around. If you're ever curious about the '90s zine crowd, this is an excellent place to go.

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