Friday, September 22, 2006

V - Issue 1 - Available For Download

Way back in 1993 I started a videogame-themed zine called V - The Videogame Experience. It ran for eight issues over the next three years, led to a couple freelance-writing jobs for professional magazines, an appearance on radio (over Joe Lieberman's crusade against games - remember that farce?) trips to Consumer Electronics Shows in Las Vegas and Chicago, and many friends from around America, authors of such zines as Digital Press, Paradox, In Between the Lines, The Laser, MASTERminds, Video Revolution, Video Apocalypse.

You can download the first issue, which came out in March, 1993, on my main website, It spans 24 pages, includes reviews, several lengthy commentaries, and an extensive walk-through of the NES classic, Simon's Quest. The layout and design took forever to create; even now, I wonder just where the inspiration came from. My artistic abilities were completely latent then, practically non-existent.

I tried to add a direct link to this blog, but couldn't for some unknown reason. You can download on my main home page at

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