Thursday, June 11, 2009

Evil Minds That Plot Destruction

Rush Limbaugh and his ilk are monsters, and if you can't figure that out, something is seriously wrong:

One of the aspects of this job that both amuses and unnerves us is the way in which Rush finds new and inventive ways to out-crazy the crazy things he said the day before. What amuses us is the idea of pacing -- we're not even five months into Obama's first term, and Rush has spent the entirety of that time in high dudgeon, hurling every possible slur he can at the president and screaming bloody murder at even the slightest outrages. What's he going to do when a real controversy comes down the pike? But this rhetorical escalation is also unnerving, and yesterday, Fox News' Shepard Smith explained why. Smith, reporting on the tragic shooting at the Holocaust Museum, said he's receiving "more and more frightening" emails from people who are "way out there on a limb," and then read an example: "Shepard, how dare you tell us to get over Obama not being a U.S. citizen. Where is the birth certificate? Where? He won't show it, so why are you so trumped up to believe it? I cannot stand Hussein. He is a socialist Marxist who is at fast rate destroying our country." Look at the content of that email, which Smith called "frightening," and compare it to what Rush has said over the past week: Obama is "destroying the United States economy"; he "does not have a birth certificate"; he's a "socialist."

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Karen said...

Hi, Son.
Glad to see you commented on yesterday's tragedy at the Holocaust Museum. I have been researching more of our goofy Jewish relatives on and we were able to trace our family all the way to Berlin where they were in earnest to escape Hitler's invitation to stay on one of his little health spas. I don't know how I feel about
Rush Limbaugh, but I do kind of think that he is enjoying getting people all stewed up. I have not been a fan of Mr Obama's for some time now, but he IS our President, and although we have the wonderful priviledge of voicing our disagreements in this country, he still deserves to be treated in a respectful manner, not just hurling insults. Seems to me that when people cannot argue intelligently on a topic, they give way to rantings and ravings, which just make other people wound up. There is plenty to disagree with our President about, abortion, gay rights, his false Christianity.......but we should be praying for him, not doing what Limbaugh is doing.
I have been injoying your Bugs Bunny episodes, got any Elmer Fudd?
(I/m hunting wabbits...)
Hope to see you soon, kiddo. I miss not seeing you!
Love as always,