Monday, June 15, 2009

Green Revolution - Demonstrations in Babol

Protests and demonstrations in the Iranian city of Babol. Stand tall, everybody. As Chuck D says, power to the people because the people want peace!

Monday is going to be eventful. Massouvi has called for demonstrations at 4:30 pm, whether the regime permits it or not. Do not kid yourselves. Blood will be spilt, and lives will be lost. But this is the price paid for a nation's freedoms. It is our responsibility to stand together with them in spirit, and show the Iranian people that when they walk those streets, face those batons, and brave those bullets, we are standing with them.

Please wear green on Monday. Please snap photos. Please shoot videos. Then share everything with the world. Every single one of you must play your part. There are no passive observers in this world anymore. You and I march in the streets. We march with Mahatma Ghabdi. We march with Rosa Parks. We march with Dr. Martin Luther King. We march with Desmond Tutu. We march with the people of Iran.

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