Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mousavi Rally at 12:30 pm? Or Is it a Trap?

Word has come down that rallies are planned for 12:30 pm Tehran time. Twitter posts have claimed that Mousavi has called for supporters to gather at his main hedquarters in Tehran. However, many other Tweeters have expressed concern and worry: is this a trap?

The following message was posted originally at

"There are rumors of a protest at Vali-Asr today at 12:30pm. This is a trap. please pass this on to everyone you know. The official word from Mousavi HQ is hold back and wait for word."

So what is really going to happen? No one knows. But it is almost certain that something will happen at noon. Either the next wave of demonstrations by the people, or a potential crackdown by the regime. Given the earlier arrests of as many as 100 reformers in the government, and Ahmadinejad's planned "victory" speech and rally, this is a very tense moment.

If I were in Tehran this morning, what would I choose to do? I would have to assume the worst, that something bad was going down. But merely sitting by and doing nothing is not an option. Revolutions are not brought about passively, but through acts of courage. And standing tall in the steets of Iranian cities, wearing green, demonstrating for democracy, is a tremendous act of bravery.

As always, we'll wake up in the morning, fold our hands and pray for rain.

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