Monday, June 15, 2009

Moussavi Joins "Hundreds of Thousands" in Rallies

Remember the planned march today that was cancelled for fear of violence? It's back on. The people are marching in vast numbers. CNN is reporting hundreds of thousands, and other online reports from the ground are saying the same thing. I'm searching around for photos to share here on the blog, so if anybody has anything, please let me know.

Here's the news report, kids:

TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) — Defeated Iranian presidential candidate Mir Hossein
Moussavi appeared at a rally in Tehran Monday, the first time he has been seen
in public since the disputed election on Friday.

Hundreds of thousands of people turned out for the demonstration, Amir
Mehdi Kazemi, a reporter for Iran’s Press TV said.

Moussavi may be trying to get Tehran’s Freedom Square to address the demonstrators, Moussavi supporters told CNN Chief International Correspondent
Christiane Amanpour.

She saw a pair of four-wheel drive vehicles pass at high speed to join the march, one with security officials hanging off the car and the other with a camera.

Crowds shouted “Moussavi! Moussavi!” as they passed, suggesting that he was in one of the vehicles.

There was no chanting of political slogans among the marchers, with demonstrators quieting anyone who tried to shout, Amanpour said, because the Interior Ministry has banned political demonstrations.

The rally is a repeat of a march which Moussavi supporters staged Wednesday, before the election.

Mousssavi will urge his supporters to refrain from violence if he manages to address the crowd, backers of the candidate told Amanpour.

As always, non-violent resistence is the most effective. The example and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King remains as vitally important as ever. This is how you change the world, not with bullets, but with words and ideas. This is the gospel of the internet age. Information and ideas can no longer be suppressed.

Oh, and thanks for finally bothering to show up, CNN. Now you're only two days behind Twitter.

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