Monday, June 15, 2009

Twitter in Tehran - The Newest Tweets

As far as I'm concerned, Twitter is the best thing to happen to the internet. Only a week ago, it seemed so pointless, so trivial. Now it's true value comes becomes known, and it has dethroned CNN and the cable news networks. We are witnessing two revolutions at once.

These Tweets are within 15 miles of Tehran, and only minutes ago. Remember to refresh that page regularly. I'll continue to share messages here through the afternoon. Here are some recent reports from the front lines of history:

heyg1: more gunshots and allahoakbar continues there was just an explosion it could be a bike because there was only a sound no light

daneshmandi: RT @Soheyl To the world leaders who are congratulating AhmadiNejaad: Iranian people will not forget! #IranElection #GreenScream

heyg1: 5 6 more gun shots with every gunshot sound increases 6 more is not from a machine gun its coming from all around #iranelection

daneshmandi: A woman CONFIRMED 5 ppl got shot, 4 ppl died. from BBC Persian. Oh my God what are they doing? Shame Shame Shame #IranElection

heyg1: allahoakbar gunshots increasing maybe 2 3 more horns continues bike sounds everywere #iranelection

heyg1: deth to dictator ive heard two more gunshots its not coming from cops its from casual wear bikers

heyg1: there is a guy leading people with a megaphone and there is more than allahoalbar there is deth to dictator

atighehchi: RT @historystudent1 EU and the UN are "closely monitoring" the situation, they should be following twitter updates #iranelection

Mirriaam: i cant believe it they r kiling innocent people #iranelection

amiralii: in tehran Every Body Scream AllahoAkbar on The Roof #IranElection

Mirriaam: there were families, kids and women in azadi sq#iranelection

alirezasha: AP: gunfire at Iranian rally in tehran kills one

heyg1: continues horn is not allowed but all people does is that #iranelection

daneshmandi: "We are Iranian nation, we are not mote or thistle" was everyone moto to respond Ahmadi #IranElection #GreenScream #Tehran #GreenWave

parhamdoustdar: Everyone, retweet the "Be Free" song as #musicmonday to help spread the word: #IranElection

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