Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Green Revolution Tweets

Here are a series of Tweets from Alireza Sedaghat, who posts under the title IranElection09. All of these posts are within the last three hours:

Thanks to all your support from around the world. It's a dire situation, surrounded by blood, death, and crying #iranelection

Is this hopeless? We're up against a vicious enemy that has no boundaries, that has weaponry and intent to harm God help us #iranelection

Hospitals around Tehran surrounded by secret police who refuse to let people with injuries get through, humanity at its worst #iranelection

Friend: 17 y/o killed infront of me couldn't get to him in time guards beating us up went to hospital but he stopped moving #iranelection

RT @mousavi1388 Mousavi asks his supporters to protest throughout Iran from 4pm on Monday (in Tehran Enghelab Sq. to Azadi Sq.)#IranElection

RT @dailydish: Is This Where We're Headed?: A photo of a student beaten by police in Shiraz.

Unconf.: Mousavi is in hiding in Karaj, can anyone confirm this? #iranelection #mousavi

RT @persiankiwi tehran is lk war zone. unbelievable. haven't seen for 30 years. fires everywhere. shooting, people shouting. #Iranelection

4pm all across IRAN RT @persiankiwi tomorrow we march. Will biggest in world history. 10 mill march tomorrow. #iranelection

RT @persiankiwi apparently at least one dead in sadatabad tonight. several demonstrators shot/missing. #Iranelection

Rumors of gunshots in or around Tehran University, security forces & basij militia are said to have entered TU campus #iranelection

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