Sunday, June 14, 2009

Green Revolution - What You Can Do to Help

I'm going to try and list a few ideas that you can do to help the people of Iran. They are in a very precarious situation right now, as the regime has been cracking down on dissenters and students and demonstrators. Time is short and there is no time for cynicism or laziness. You must get involved.

- Here are some things you can and should do:

- Call or email your local network tv affiliates.

- Email your local newspaper.

- Contact your local clergy or community leaders. Ask for their public support. Hey, Pro-Lifers, do you want assassins to speak for you? This is your moment to shine. Please help us.

- Call of email your local representatives in local and state government. Ask them to make a public statement in support of the Iranian people.

- Call or email your members of Congress. Ask them to make a public statement in support. Admittedly, they must exercise caution, due to America's long and troubled history with Iran. But contact them, whether you voted for them or not.

- Call or email the White House. We elected Barack Obama President, and he's the smartest man for the job. He has taken the correct action so far, which is to keep a very low profile. Uncle Sam cannot be perceived to be interfering in Iran's affairs (this whole madness stretches back to the CIA's 1953 coup, after all). But Obama needs our support, and he will listen.

- Don't forget Hillary Clinton! Where are the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pantsuits? We need you now! Please send an email to Sec. Clinton at the State Dept.

- Contact The Red Cross and The Red Crescent and see if there is anything you can do.

- Join Amnesty International and give them your support.

- Share all of these weblinks. Send them to family and friends. Share them on Facebook, Twitter, or email.

The Green Revolution cannot succeed without you. The people of Iran want a democracy and they need your help. Please do not hesitate. Please help out as best you can. Do it today. Do it right now.

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