Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crazy Cat Lady

There's something very seriously wrong with movement conservatives in this nation. They seem to suffer a bizarre mixture of paranoia, persecution, and self-righteousness. Bachmann's sorry attempt to blame her McCarthyist rant on Chris Matthews illustrates this. Every time I hear this routine, it sounds like the tantrums of a four-year-old. These are not serious adults who should be in charge of anything.

I didn't say libruls are anti-Mur'ka. Those libruls are twisting my words. Because, you know, they hate Mur'ka. Everybody's out to get me! Waaah!!

"Chris Matthews did what Chris Matthews is paid big bucks to do: Twist my words and set them up for full-fledged distortion when his next guest came on," she wrote. "And, when the liberal blogs got hold of little clips of my appearance, the spin machine really kicked into overdrive. ... They're motivated entirely by their hatred of me and my conservative beliefs."

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