Friday, October 24, 2008

MN-06: Tinklenberg Ahead of Bachmann By Two

Today, a new poll by the University of MN shows Tinklenberg with a slight lead over Michelle Bachmann.

University of MN/Humphrey Institute (10/21 - 10/23); MoE: 4.7%

Tinklenberg (D) - 45
Bachmann (R) - 43
Anderson (I) - 5
Undecided - 7

Pretty much the same numbers as yesterday's poll. Bachmann is fighting for her life after last week's "anti-America" rant. Predictably enough, she tries to play it both ways in her media appearances. She apologizes for her statements, then flatly denies ever accusing Obama of being anti-American (and demanding that anti-American members of Congress be rooted out), then repeating the same charge in slightly different ways.

Bachmann made an appearance on a local radio show today, continuing to dig her own grave. Hopefully, this clip will make its rounds across the blogosphere:

But Bachmann was bringing up Chris Matthews on her own during an interview on the Mike Gallagher radio show. Bachmann raised some familiar-sounding issues just a day after her St. Cloud speech.

"What are Barack Obama's policies?" Bachmann said on the show. "Are they for America or will they be against traditional American ideals and values? And I'll tell you what, punishing tax rates, redistribution of wealth, socialized medicine, inputting censorship in the form of the un-Fairness Doctrine and taking away the secret ballot from the worker has nothing to do with traditional American values. That's why your listeners need to know. Otherwise the United States may be literally changed forever if Barack Obama becomes the next president."

Bachmann also told Gallagher and his audience that she's desperate for financial help. Her Democratic opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg, has raised $1.3 million since Friday when Bachmann appeared on MSNBC. And, the National Republican Congressional Committee has canceled the TV ads it scheduled on Bachmann's behalf on Twin Cities stations. Meanwhile, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said it intends to spend more than $1 million in TV ads to defeat Bachmann.

"Desperate for financial help"? Now you understand what it meant when the NRCC pulled its ads from the district. Bachmann was left to drown in her own waters. Serves her right. Defeating this meanspirited demagogue will be one of my top goals for November 4. We must make this race a national priority. Send money now!

Tinklenberg for Congress

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