Monday, October 27, 2008

MT - McCain's Collapse

The Rocky Mountain region is becoming the new frontier for the Democratic Party, and we're seeing real results this year of all our hard work. Colorado and New Mexico, I would expect to go blue, and stay solidly blue for the forseeable future. But Montana? Perhaps John Tester was a hint of things to come.

Still, I have to admit I'm surprised. Perhaps I should have paid closer attention. Again, we see McCain's numbers just crash in mid-September, after the financial crisis hit. His bizarre actions - "suspending" his campaign, losing all sense of direction - really was the thing that did him in. Add in the debate performances, which voters gave overwhelmingly to Obama, and we have evidence of a campaign's self-destruction.

Still, anything is possible, so we won't take anything for granted. Let's see if Montana is moved into the "leans Dem" column later this week.

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