Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Bent My Wookie

Wow, it hurts when you get dissed by your own side. Hurts almost as bad as your phony Minnesota accent. Can somebody tell this woman that nobody likes her? And nobody's buying the fake "folksy" accent, especially when she only seems to use it on alternate days.

Hmm....I wonder if she even knows what the National Review is...I mean, she doesn't read anything. Maybe she honestly doesn't know. Ugh. I think the sad part of this campaign is the way Ralph Wiggum here seems so oblivious to everything. She and McCain act as though they don't know what America thinks of them.

Funny, though, that I would agree with something written in the National Review. Last time that happened was William F. Buckley's special 1995 issue on ending the Drug War.

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