Thursday, October 30, 2008

MN-03: Tinklenberg

We're nearly at the final deadline for making contributions to your favorite campaigns. Friday should be the last chance to make a difference before Election Day. I finally gave $10 to Tinklenberg, in Minnesota's 3rd District. He'll need every penny to defeat Michelle Bachmann, and I'm eager to see her defeated next week.

Minnesota politics have always been known for thoughtful, intelligent adults, without regard for blind party loyalty or ideology. Heck, the two main parties in this state are coalitions - the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party, and the Independent-Republican party. It's no surprise that we are ground zero for third parties; Jesse Ventura is the best example.

My point is that there's no room in Minnesota for wingnut extremism as demonstrated by Bachmann. She represents the darker side of American politics, a vicious strain that stretches back to Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon. Her list of accomplishments are shameful, little more than witch hunts and thinly-veiled racist smears. She is a boon to aspiring comedians, that's for sure. But for everybody else, Bachmann has been a disgrace.

Calling on the media to investigate the "anti-American" members of Congress was only one notable example, but there have been many others. I for one will be glad to see her go. My only problem is that, should she be defeated on Tuesday, I'll run the risk of bumping into her on the street. What happens if I'm stuck in line at Caribou Coffee and Michelle Bachmann starts talking to me? Oh, no!!

It's a burden I'm willing to bear. Please fire this woman. Donate your time and money to El Tinklenberg's campaign.

Tinklenberg '08 for Congress

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