Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Is This a Joke?"

Ha ha ha! Now that was funny. You know your interview by the Republican Party hack has crumbled to pieces when the person you're talking to is laughing in your face. In a sense, this tv appearance by Joe Biden is a perfect microcosm of the two major political parties. The Democratic Party has become a true majority party, appealing to all parts of America, its leaders calm, collected, and sober. The Republican Party has collapsed into a farce, appealing only to the weak-minded, the stupid, and the delusional. This was once the "grown-up party?"

This is what happens when any movement has peaked, and burrows into smaller and tighter circles, its followers increasingly Puritanical and oppressive. They construct an alternate reality, a fantasy world where Daddy Is Perfect and everybody likes them. The GOP has become a party of sexually-repressed teenage nerds. All that's left is for them to start dressing up like Tolkein characters and carrying 12-sided dice.

All of these tired, comical lines from our wingnut reporter friend are all buzzwords for the geeks. Marx. Socialism. What a joke. The Berlin Wall fell in 1989; the Soviet Union died in 1991. Try telling it to these losers. Hell, the average American hears the name "Marx" in the 21st Century, they're probably thinking Groucho.

And you know the whole routine is only an act, a third-rate con game to be used on the suckers. No wonder the religious fundamentalists and televangelists are the ones in charge of the GOP. It's Jerry Falwell's party now, and it can follow him into the grave for all I care.

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