Monday, October 27, 2008

ND - Obama's Surprise?

North Dakota has long been a safe Republican state. I honestly didn't expect it to become a battleground state in 2008, but as we've seen, this race is full of surprises. Clearly, the pollsters didn't expect this to happen, either; otherwise there would have been more polling on the state. That makes it a bit tricky when trying to gauge the voters' intentions. I think it's a smart bet to consider North Dakota a tossup right now, but we should keep a close eye this week for any new developments.

I think it's quite possible Obama can win this state; if so, it will prove a powerful psychological victory, as the new President builds a national party coalition. The 3 electoral votes won't affect the race to any meaningful degree. But to turn the Dakotas that is a powerful idea. Add in the growing Democratic successes in the Mountain region, and you're looking at the future of America.

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