Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Football Thread

The Vikings have the week off, and how they need it. What else is on today? Caught the beginning of the Jets-Chiefs game; Favre is kicking ass as usual, and he's really infecting the team now. The Jets may be a team to watch out for this year.

Beyond that, ehh. I don't share any allegience for anyone. Just gimmie some good football.

On the videogame football front, I'm still trying to decide whether to stick with NFL 2K1 or 2K2 on my Dreamcast. 2K2 has many more animations, especially with the running game, and that's fine for me because I love the run. But it does make tacking the running backs a real pain sometimes. This was something that Visual Concepts (yeah, they're called 2K Sports now) tried to balance in future 2K games.

Another real problem with NFL 2K2, and this may become a deal-breaker for me. The linebacker who is supposed to cover the running back keeps running away. Huh? What happens is that the linebacker follows the running back for a few steps, then suddenly darts off after one of the wide receivers (which is already being covered anyway). This means, of course, that the running back is wide open by 10-15 yards. Oops.

This never happens in NFL 2K1. Ever. So we'll see how things go.

Chat away, kids.

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