Friday, October 24, 2008

McCain Campaign Post-Mortem

What a lovely headline to discover less than two weeks before election day. Well, lovely for our side. I'm looking forward to reading the epic article in this Sunday's NY Times Magazine on the failures and collapse of the McCain campaign. It's already available online, but it's far too long for me to read over the screen. My eyes need the paper for that one.

Thankfully, WaPo's Chris Cilliza offers a shorter summary of Robert Draper's piece (he wrote the Bush bio Dead Certain, btw). This should be the first of many salvos on the post-mortem of the McCain-Palin campaign. Somewhere between now and November 5, the fractures will really emerge, and we'll probably see two factions arise, one around McCain, the other Palin, each side blaming the other for their historic defeat.

Well, I'm off to try and score tickets to Henry Rollins tonight. The show's sold out, but maybe some rush seats are available. Maybe some soul will take pity on me.

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