Sunday, October 26, 2008

Future Human

This photographic gallery is more creepy than anything, and I'm sure they're trying to make some sort of point about our current technology. But I'm always amazed that those who predict humanity's future evolution entirely miss the game. The story of humanity is the evolution of the mind. The future lies in the imagination, in the soul.

Then again, materialist science has a real phobia with the idea of mind as real. That dogma doesn't allow for the existence of a soul, or anything beyond machine parts. As far as religions go, it's very uninspired and dull. And modern materialist science is most definitely a religion.

In a sense, the whole universe is a garden for the cultivation for mind, for information. It's an engine for producing and conserving complexity. The evolution of mind is an inevitable result of this. What would the final result of this be? Now that's the real question.

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