Friday, October 24, 2008


A hoax. It was all a damned hoax.

These are some sick sadistic fucking bastards.

I saw this on a Pittsburg site late last night, but the photo was too small to make out anything. I naturally assumed something happened, even though my inner b.s. detector was ringing. Looking at a larger photo, it's all too obvious. This girl was never attacked. She's wearing makeup. Good lord, I just watched Melville's Army of Shadows a couple nights ago. I know what a beaten face looks like. And then she blamed it on a black man.

So, to any family members wondering where my occasional bouts of tourette's came from, well, here's your fucking answer. I am so sick and tired of this fucked-up racist bullshit. Just wait for this hoax to continue to swim through the far right fantasy world. It will just become another piece of the canon, alongside Obama's fake birth certificate and the Bill Clinton murders.

I seriously hate these right-wing Republicans.

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