Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TPMTV: Comedy Highlights for 10/21

Thanks, as always, to the crew at TPM for their daily recap videos. It's becoming funnier and funnier.

Did I hear that right? Does Joe The Plummer have a bunch of new friends? What is this now,
Cheat Commandos? Will they have their own line-up of toys? Are we sure the McCain-Palin campaign isn't getting confused with Fraggle Rock?

So that's how they're going out. Joe The Plumber and his Fraggle Rock friends, Jeremiah Wright videos (chopped up so he's flailing his arms around like Godzilla), and, ahem, "socialism." Again, didn't George W. Bush just nationalize our whole banking system and tap our phones? These Republicans are beyond parody at this point. I say every McCain-Palin rally from now on must include a laugh track.

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