Friday, October 10, 2008

Is This What the Republican Party Has Become?

And now we see the results of McCain and Palin's hateful rhetoric. Pumped full of paranoia and fear, told that Obama is a Muslim Terr'st Who Hates Mur'ka, some individuals are making assassination threats on Craig's List.

Take a look at the photos for a moment, and think long and hard. This is all deliberate. This is the campaign John McCain, Karl Rove, and the Republicans are running. Do they really want to accept the consequences for these actions?

This is something that many of us fear when we think of a President Obama. It's something we whisper quietly, to ourselves, but there is a worry that some crazy person with a gun....well, you know. I don't feel comfortable speaking it out loud. We cannot allow this hateful, racist madness to build and build. There is only one way it will end. I pray such a tragedy never occurs.

If you call yourself a Republican, then you need to put a stop to this. Now.

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