Thursday, October 02, 2008

Does This Mean Obama Can Keep the Endorsement?

Hmm, looks like the GOP is now promoting Obama's agenda for the next four years. Does this mean they're now endorsing him? I guess the Republican Party must really like Obama to give so much attention to his policy proposals.

Oh, wait. The Republicans are really criticizing Obama. Because, ya know, these initiatives all cost money. And spending a trillion dollars over the next four years is wrong and irresponsible. Or somthin'.

On a completely unrelated note, I see the national debt is about to hit $10 trillion. In eight years, Bush and the Republicans have nearly doubled our debt. Heck, when Jimmy Carter left office, the US was sitting on $1 trillion of debt.


Still, it would be funny to see the Obama camp run with this. Then again, maybe it's reverse psychology. The GOP brand is so toxic, maybe if they endorse Obama his poll numbers will go down. Hah!

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