Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain Blames Wall Street Crisis on Obama, ACORN, and Minorites

This video is a fine addendum to my previous post just below, since it details the GOP's efforts to paint Obama and ACORN as criminals who stole the 2008 election. This McCain ad is online-only, clearly red meat for the rabid base. Will it be shown on tv? I'd have to say no, since its premises are so outrageous and, well, stupid. There would be a backlash in the national media, which would erode McCain's crumbling support even further. But who knows how far he will go before November 4?

What surprised me about this ad? Obama is blamed for the financial crisis - no surprises there. But now McCain is blaming ACORN, and, by extention, racial minorites. ACORN registers minority and poor voters, remember. There's a very clear wink-wink nod to the base; look out, America..."that person" wrecked the economy. Wink, wink.

This isn't even the first time the Republican Party has tried to blame racial minorities for the financial crisis. They have also tried to blame minority homeowners for the subprime collapse and Wall Street's troubles.

And so John McCain completes his transfiguration into George Wallace, and the Republican Party's Faustian bargain with Jim Crow has swallowed the party whole. They are all Klansmen now.

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