Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama and the Birth Certificate

This is another tired line of attack from the Republican right, that Barack Obama is not really a US citizen. It should be very, very obvious that it isn't true, but this sort of thing worms its way through the echo chamber, bouncing through the corridors of movement conservatism's media machine. I have heard this from my family during last weekend's visit, so I think a couple links should set things right.

Only goes to show you how desperate and morally bankrupt the Republican Party has become. It's a sad tragedy that this level of Nixonian dirty tricks have ever been successful in America. We must teach our citizens to be smarter and more mindful.

Here, the Washington Times (the newspaper owned by cult leader Sung Yung Moon - I wonder how Christian Evangelicals feel about him?) continues to spread the Obama birth certificate smear. Media Matters debunks it pretty easily.

Here, conservative radio hosts, including Michael Savage, Rick Roberts, and Chris Baker each parrot the talking points on Obama's birth certificate, claiming that somehow Obama would be some sort of Muslim Manchurian Candidate. Or something. I'm thinking too much. This sort of thing doesn't appeal to thinking; it appeals to paranoia and fear. Media Matters, again, provides the facts.

Finally, just to put the matter to rest, here is an official copy of Barack Obama's birth certificate, provided by the campaign. I think if you magnify the Hawaii state logo, you'll find a spaceship. Or that pyramid with the eye. Or something.

Have I mentioned lately that I hate these people? How were these lizard brains ever in charge? It's a miracle they haven't blown up the world.

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