Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunday Football Thread

A little late with the Sunday Football Thread. Oops. I couldn't get to a computer early enough. And besides, the Packers were on. Tough loss, Pack, tough loss. And what's the deal with Detroit? Have they ever had a winning season, ever? I really feel sorry for those guys.

Cowboys-Bengals is on right now. Should be a great match, though I fully expect Dallas to run away with it. The Minnesota Vikings are on Monday night, so I won't be quite so worked up today. Rest assured if the Vikes lose tomorrow, I'll be shouting for Brad Childress' head. Can we please have a new coach now? Please??

Oh, and I'll try to squeeze in a couple games of NFL 2K2 on the Dreamcast somewhere during halftime. My passing game absolutely stinks; then again, my passing game was always weak. I'll just have to rely on the run as usual.

Consider this your all-purpose football thread for Sunday.

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