Friday, October 10, 2008

This Race is Over

Ed Rollins and David Gergen, two of the oldschool Republicans, say this race is over. There is a definite sense of disgust and disappointment they feel towards McCain, perhaps at their party which has drifted away from them and into the sphere of extremism. Interesting that Paul Begala sounds just like they do. It's the disappointment of the political veterans at a disintegrating campaign.

Still, this is the face of the GOP, and has been for a very long time. Poisoning the waters and demonizing Democrats is what they do. Doesn't anybody remember Newt Gingrich, or Tom Delay, or Karl Rove? Heck, anybody who raised an eyebrow at Preznit Stupid was called a Terr'st Who Hates America. If Washington's Wise Old Men were not fully aware of this fact of political life, it is only because they didn't want to know.

Don't ask me about my affairs, Kate!

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