Monday, October 20, 2008

TPMTV - What Did I Miss Today?

Hmm, I was busier at work today than I realized. Oh, we're down to the final two weeks and everything is just getting surreal. What is the deal with Joe The Plummer? Why is McCain still harping on that? Did I miss something? Is this really the only non-racist idea his campaign could come up with? It's the same clueless desperation that gave us Sarah Palin. The Republicans really do believe that if they present a Ken or Barbie doll that looks like you, you'll have their vote.

Hey, a girl! I'm a girl, too! I'll vote Republican!

Whoops! Looks like they banned the Pill! And my brother just got drafted to Iran. Oops!

Seriously, the Joe The Plummer thing was funny for exactly one day. Then it just became really, really sad. Just hurry up and lose already, you losers.

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