Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Debate #2 - Some Rambling Thoughts From One Who'd Rather Be Dancing to Good Music

Sigh. Booooring! How's that for a commentary? Does anybody read this blog, or am I just shouting to my stereo speakers?

I only watched bits and parts from the latter half of tonight's debate. I didn't expect anything shocking or game-changing, just a joint press conference passing itself off as a "debate." Sigh. The first debate with Jim Lehrer was far better, and arugably the best debate of the election season. The candidate had enough time to explain themselves and respond with follow-up remarks and questions. Tom Brokaw? Sigh. Boooring!

McCain struck me as angry and frustrated, but that's a given by this point. He knows his chance at becoming President has slipped away. This election is over, and his only goal by now should be to lose honorably. Don't get blown out by four touchdowns. Why does he continue to harp on the Iraq Surge? What is his obsession with being proven "right" on the surge? Why does he think Iraq will be a winning issue for him?

Obama struck me as, well, Presidential. He was smart, thoughtful, and demonstrated a willingness to think. And, as always, he was cooool. Obama Cool.

The first snap polls are coming in, and it's showing a clear Obama win. I think the voters are very close to declaring this one over. There may still be some undecideds, but I think the door is closing on McCain. Much like the 1980 election, which I keep harping back on, the focus on this race is on the challenger, and whether he can make a convincing case. The American people have had enough of the Republicans. Now they are swinging convincingly to Obama and the Democrats.

I'm listening to CNN's pundits right now, and it appears to me that the consensus is solidifying that Obama will be our next President. David Gergen is very impressed with Obama's growth as a candidate. That means a lot as a representative of the oldschool, respectable Republicans. Remember when the Republicans were the sober realists, the adults?

What the bloody hell happened to that party? Was it the Southern Strategy? Was it Limbaugh, Gingrich, Fallwell or Dobson? When did the GOP become a pack of emotionally unhinged losers? I can't believe the hell Bush, Cheney and Rove put this country through. They've left the United States in utter ruins. I'm getting the sense that most Americans feel the same way.

I better change the station or go outside. I'm getting tired of listening to the "undecided" voters on CNN. How can you be an undecided voter after eight years of George W. Bush? Do you have rocks in your head? There are far too many stupid people in the world. Let's hope they do the right thing on November 4. America is fast sinking and there aren't enough lifeboats. And I'm tired of walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

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