Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama Ad in Burnout Paradise

I guess this was inevitable, as in-game ads have been steadily rising during the past decade. Now Obama is taking the step of putting campaign ads in the games. Burnout Paradise, the lastest installment in the smash-up racing series, will feature billboards for Obama '08. Neat, huh?

This will become more common in the next election cycle. Ugh. Now I really want games that allow me to vandelize the billboards. Where's Jet Set Radio when I need it? Doesn't even matter how firmly I support Obama. I just don't like all these campaign ads, and I think it would be fair to let players take matters into their own hands.

Hey, driving around town in Burnout, running down McCain/Palin signs? Now that would be fun. We could make drinking games out of that.

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