Monday, October 13, 2008

SurveyUSA (MO): Obama 51% - McCain 43%

Another very interesting poll result, this time from Missouri. I honestly do think the entire nation is in play in 2008. Everything has completely broken down, and the Republicans have no one to rely upon, aside from the Jesus Camp crowd. Those people will never stand up and leave, no matter how badly they're abused.

But Obama over 50% in Missouri? We'll have to keep our eyes open for more poll results to get a clearer picture. I have my own suspicion (or hope) that McCain's GOP support will fracture between now and November 4. The conservatives have never trusted him as one of their own, and we're already seeing this happen among the pundits and the scribblers. If this frustration migrates to the voters, then the floor will give out completely.

Every state is in play, folks. We need to work our tails off.

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