Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Permanent Minority

Sooner or later, serious and honest Republicans will wake up on November 5 to a permanent minority, and realize that John McCain's increasingly unhinged, violent chaos is to blame. Just as eight years of Bush-Cheney are to blame. And they must realize that the longer this racist mob is stoked into fury, the longer will be their banishment.

Personally, I don't care. I'll be glad to see the end of the Conservative Era. It always stoked the ugly side of America, and it's only fitting that one final push to the old "southern strategy" base will hurl this authoritarian party to the shadows. If I ever see the likes of them in power again before I collect Social Security, it'll be too soon.

After Obama and the Democrats' landslide on November 4, the GOP will go into a civil war. Unless the radical right wing is broken and scattered to the four winds, this will remain a minority party for the next generation. I say America has finally woken up.

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