Wednesday, October 15, 2008

State GOP Says "Waterboard Obama"

It's becoming very difficult to document the latest atrocities from the Republican Party, in regards to the increasing racism and threats of violence against Obama. It's becoming a full-time job. Despite McCain's shock of conscience last Friday in Minnesota, it's very clear to all of us that this will be the thrust of the campaign to the end.

The only rational conclusion I can reach is that McCain's internal polling is so terrible, that the threat of a Republican fracture before election day is very real. He's in danger of losing his base, a right-wing base that never trusted or liked him, anyway. So the only tactic left is to play to their fear and loathing. Play to the same racism and conspiracy theory fed to them every day by the likes of Limbaugh, Coulter, Fox News, yadda yadda.

Still, my shock and disgust at the sick, disgusting game the Republican Party is playing never seems to end. It only gets worse and worse. First, Obama is called a muslim. Then, he's called a friend of terrorists. Then he himself is called a terrorist. Then, implied appeals to violence. And now, finally, overt appeals to violence.

Is this even legal? I know the Secret Service has been investigating reports of people at McCain-Palin rallies shouting, "kill him!" But we are not dealing with rogue elements, or some random loser with a gun. We're dealing with the Republican Party itself.

This photo comes from the official website for the Sacremento County, CA, Republican Party. I'll write that again. This is the official site of the Republican Party in Sacremento County. A website which boasts a bumper sticker that says, "Waterboard Barack Obama."
Gee, I wonder what else the GOP would like to see done to Obama? Will they call for him to be lynched? Stabbed? Shot? Is that what the Republicans want? We all know this violence will not be tapered after the election ends. Some crazy person may just get an idea to find a gun....after all, the party told him so.
If anything ever happens to Barack Obama or his family, God Forbid, may it all fall on the heads of the Republican Party. This is an evil institution.

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