Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trad Media Picking Up on McCain's Shadow Campaign

It's nice to see some attention given by the traditional media on McCain's racist and despicable "shadow" campaign of robocalls, flyers, and innuendo. This is typically the domain of the internet media, but we still need to old guard to do their jobs. Heck, if they did their jobs in the first place, we wouldn't feel the need to spread the word ourselves. Ah, well, but this is the way of things.

Rachael Maddow spoke about this yesterday on her tv show (which is fab, of course). McCain-Palin are running on media charm, playing to Letterman and SNL and formal dinners. But underneath, they are spreading the most vicious paranoia and racism since George Wallace. I try not to paint things in simple overtones, but there really is no other way to describe what's happening. What McCain is doing is evil. And the flames they are stoking will not die out with the November elections. We will all suffer the consequences for many years.

I wonder if John McCain is willing to accept those consequences?

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