Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Battle of St. Paul - Photos #1

These are scenes from Labor Day. This was an extremely tense situation, which thankfully did not become violent. The porch where I and several others were standing was caught right in the middle of several different kinds of police, riot squads, and other unidentified agents.

Pay close attention to that first photograph. You'll notice that riot trooper carrying an M-16? The GOP stormtroopers are carrying machine guns. They are also armed with pepper spray, tear gas, concussion grenades, and God only knows what else.

This was a very effectively organized operation for them. A great deal of coordination and military precision. I don't know all the parties involved, beyond the local Twin Cities police and riot squad. The fully armored troops with gas masks and visors were the most militaristic, and usually among the later waves, after normal police and local riot teams (lightly armored).

Pay close attention to the final photo. These teams were moving around in long parades of mini-vans and suv's. These vehicles were unmarked apart from a number on the upper right corner of the rear window. There were dozens of these.

This is serious stuff, kids. Don't anyone be stupid. I don't want any martyrs. Stay away from downtown St. Paul this week. This area will remain a war zone until Friday at the least. Be careful.

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