Saturday, September 06, 2008

Beware What Happens in Alaska

After this week, I'm through mocking or laughing at these evil bastards. They are dangerous. You cannot allow these criminals to retain power for another four years. Pay attention, pay very close attention to what is happening in Alaska. Sarah Palin is facing an ethics and possible criminal investigation that is set to explode before the November elections. The GOP will do everything to bury the truth of their crimes....

Alaskans are right now seeing the same blunt refusal to permit or even acknowledge the propriety of legislative investigations of the executive that we've already been watching for years in D.C., even as its perpetrator is being foisted upon us as a successor to Cheney.

So what kind of government do we think we'll have left if she gets to cash in on the Dry Powder Dividend and continue Cheney's work? Will we see the CIA renditioning people who cut Todd off in traffic? Or something much, much worse?

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