Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Rodney King" Assault by Police Caught on Nightly News

This video comes courtesy of FOX-9, one of the local affiliates. This was the 10:00pm broadcast, and the reporter is clearly upset at what was clearly an unprovoked assault by the police. A young woman is repeatedly maced, shoved, and battered by a squad of police. She makes no aggressive action, and the cops make no effort to arrest her. They clearly are having too much fun beating a young girl with their bikes.

Is this what St. Paul mayor Nick Coleman calls law enforcement? Is this his idea of law and order? Is there any chance these cops will face any reprisal or punishment? Remember, the Republican Party took out $10 million in liability insurance, for paying out damages for crimes such as these.

The Fox reporter also said that police tried to remove her and her crew from the scene. The witnesses to the crimes are, once again, pushed aside. Nothing to see here. Fortunately, they stayed and captured the whole event. This was the 21-year-old woman's first protest.

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