Saturday, September 06, 2008

They Scratch Me...They Scrape Me...

Eight years of the most evil, rotten, corrupt, and anti-democratic administration in the history of the United States...did you really believe it would never come home? That's the key lesson of St. Paul this past week. The Bush Doctrine is Coming Home. That's another killer slogan that should be on shirts and bumper stickers. Somebody get on that, quick!

Daily Kos diarist "danps" lays it all out for you in excellent fashion. If you never knew about the rising authoritarianism in this land, it's only because you didn't want to know. Wake up, people. You are in great danger....

We did not insist on a full accounting after 9/11, and those in charge were emboldened. We did not insist on transparency when post-9/11 abuses started to come to light, and our leaders realized how powerful fear could be. We have averted our eyes every time we have been told we needed to for our own safety, and each time the lawlessness grew. It now is visible in the wildly disproportionate show of force in Minnesota and its conflation of peaceful assembly with riot, in the Blackwater mercenaries paid to roam the streets of New Orleans and in the makeshift detention facilities of Mississippi and Iowa.

And yet we continue to look away, and continue to submit.

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