Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What Sullivan Said

Damn right.

We are being asked to believe that he called Sarah Palin a pig. If the people making that accusation have half a brain they know it's not true. This is not a question of interpretation. It is a fact. So we now find out again that John McCain is prepared to tell an absolute lie - in public, verifiable, uncontestable.

He does not have the minimal public integrity to be president of the United States.

This is an old tactic, Republican Fake Outrage. You have to manufacture fake scandals, throw dirt, hurl mud, spin absurd fantasies, and throw childish tantrums. Anything to keep the voters distracted from actual policy. Heaven forbid we ever mention McCain's plans for more wars in the Middle East, the readiness of our military, the economy, the growing police state, global warming, etc. etc. Their entire campaign is a hollow sham. McCain doesn't even have enough cards in his pocket to pull off a three-card monty.

Win or lose, I say this is the worst Presidential candidate in the history of American politics.

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