Friday, September 05, 2008

An Eyewitness Account From the Bridge

This message comes from Karen and appeared on ABC News' report on the police bridge assault on Thursday. I am reprinting her remarks in full:

I was a part of this march, If police gave an order to leave no one could hear it. All information that was distributed prior to the march stated the permit STARTED at 5 and went to 9. Police gave no notice or reason for blocking the march when we arrived at the bridge or at any other time. On the local FOX station they showed police giving the order to leave, what they didn't show was that this order was given from over a hundred yards away during the pre march rally, and it was completely drowned out by the speaker and crowd. After that police said nothing to the crowd.

90% of the crowd was peaceful and respectful as where 90% of the police.

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